Graffiti art workshops are provided by industry professionals who are fully qualified and insured to work with young people of all ages. In the workhops we provide all equipment necessary, including health and safety equipment. Within a graffiti art workshop you can expect the highest level of teaching of this urban art form. In a typical workshop, we will teach the history of the art form, have a design session around themes chosen by the students within the group and finally work towards producing the product on a variety of media including graffiti art boards of all sizes using spray paint, t-shirts, shoes etc. The aim of the workshops is to encourage participation and allow the students to gain an insight into graffiti as an art form which they can further develop their interests in.

Art Commissions

We ensure that we work towards every aspect of a client specification including timescale and breaking down the costs. At the moment we cannot provide any equipment to reach higher levels of buildings, therefore if a commission requires working higher than one story, the equipment will needto be provided by the client, or we can come to an arrangement to hire equipment from an outside source.

We have previously done commissions for clients such as Sheffield United FC, Redbull, Hatfield Visual Arts College and Cruz Performance Car Hire.

To see examples of our previous commission please refer to our images page.